Thursday, September 8, 2011

Do-it-yourself ADHD

I tend to change my mind, a lot. Just pay attention closely and you'll notice I change my mind about 62 times every 5 seconds, not to mention the 62 projects that I have going at the same time.... and the 62 I plan to start "tomorrow." One thing that I can say about all of these projects is that my main motivation is the pictures that I want to see after the wedding. It might be weird, but I'm more photo motivated than real life motivated when it comes to the wedding (besides the part where I get to marry Mr. O).

This addition of DIY ADHD has to do with the little ones in our wedding. I talked about what I wanted them to carry in the previous post and I mentioned that I didn't love the FG basket. Actually, I find it really fugly (after a few days to think about it). What I really want is an awesome pomander for her to carry that magically dispenses petals. Cue the creative brain. First, I ventured to the wonderful world of Weddingbee Boards to see if anyone has ever seen a "pomander basket." The answer was something like, "No but that sounds cute..." but I did get some suggestions on how to execute it.

{Another adorable little girl w/ a pomander via Weddingbee Classifieds - these are fake flowers!}

I headed to Michaels to get a styrofoam ball and I walked out with over $100 worth of merchandise. I feel a pattern evolving. When Mr. O gets back I'm making him go to the store with my list to avoid any overindulging in craft supplies! I digress...

I purchased the 8'' ball. I was a little afraid that it was going to be too big thatswhatshesaid but then I remembered I made a pomander (reception decoration say whhhattt) a while back and it turned out perfect size.

{personal photo - I know you were wondering who the professional photographer was.}

Then I decided to dig into the project (pun totally intended). Now, I like to think I'm crafty but what you're about to see is mildly embarrassing. Below is my first attempt to scoop out the "bowl."

{Yes, that is a screw driver. Yes, this was a fail.}

I'm really not sure what I was thinking. It probably had something to do with my DIYADHD (I hear they're prescribing stuff for that soon), but at the time it sounded brilliant. I'll just stab the screw driver in there... it'll be great. Um, no. While I was working really hard stabbing and not making any progress I was brainstorming what else I could use. Then, I had my "ah ha" moment.

{I tried to find an ice cream scoop, but apparently we only have very large spoons}

This method of spooning *hehe* worked much better than screwing?? That set up way too easily. Anyways, I ended up with styrofoam all over the place, but I was okay with it because I think it's going to work!

{It looks pretty ugly here, but I promise there's some nice bowl action going on.}

I want to use real flowers, but after seeing the 2nd inspiration photo I'm thinking that fake flowers could give me the same look I want (read: cheaper). I also ordered the petals from Oriental Trading Company that will be concealed in this puppy. I'll test those out and follow up afterwards.

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