Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Non-Destination Destination Wedding: The Night Before

I know that I've mentioned how difficult it is to get in touch with vendors via Internet in Mr. O's hometown, but I don't think I've really stressed to you how bad it is! You see, it's not that we are having a Hawaiian wedding or going to Paris... it's "just" a quick 5 hour drive. However, that drive can't happen all of the time and I have reminded myself over and over that this is our wedding so we shouldn't nag Mr. O's family to run wedding related errands for us. They would in a heartbeat, but it just makes me feel bad. Plus, both Mr. O and I have talked about how we want to see (or taste/visit) vendors before we make any decision.

We've been able to handle this pretty well and it's worked out nicely because family visits include some running around for the wedding, too. Before Mr. O deployed, I ran some errands while he spent some QT with the fam and I think that they all appreciated the "alone time" (that probably included about 10+ people ... he's got a big family!) with him before he left. I'm sure the same will happen when he comes home.

Anyway, now that I'm looking into "smaller" wedding tasks -- aren't they ALL big & important?! -- the difficulty of finding things is becoming more of a challenge. For starters:

The "Bridal Suite"/"night before the wedding lodging" -- I find the word "lodging" to sound pretty lame, but I'm just going to roll with it. Okay, here's the issue: I don't want to get ready at the church. They have rooms available, and I appreciate that, but I just want to be in a place where we can all relax and hang out. I also want to be able to have a mimosa or two in the morning while getting my hair did. As much as I love the convenience of getting ready at the church, it's never been my favorite option.

Why this is a NDDW issue: All of the hotels in the area that have suites listed online aren't really suites. Apparently, it's a suite if it has a jacuzzi bath. This is seriously so weird to me! I imagine someone saying, "Hey, it's a regular size room but I bet if we throw some jets in that there bath everyone will think it's reallllll nice." That's probably not true, but seriously? Since when does a jacuzzi bath = suite?!

Solution: I'm was (and still am a little) looking into some B&Bs. It's the South, which means they are everywhere! It's just finding one that's pretty, close to the church, and big enough. I haven't decided if I want the night to be spent with my whole bridal party or just my seester. I think it would be very cool to have all of them there. Then, when we wake up we can enjoy some breakfast and get the day started!

It's kind of a solution, but there are still issues. Like, the websites aren't necessarily updated and/or there aren't any pictures. Sometimes, they don't even load. What? It is 2011, right? For those that do load and show a few pictures, I can get a good idea of where I'd like to stay but I still need want to see it before I commit any kind of money. The good thing is, Mr. O is taking care of the room for after the wedding (Yay!) so we only need the room for one night.

Then, I found this place:

{Omg, The Willcox}

{Holy Cow, this is exactly what I want}

I need to breakdown some pros and cons:

2. Complimentary Breakfast from 7-10 am
3. There's a pool
4. Minibar & Room Service
5. In-room Massages Available
6. Private Yoga & Training -- I mean, I don't do yoga, but it's totally still a pro!
7. There's a restaurant
8. It's pet friendly so the Seester can bring Ruby.

1. It's 30 minutes from the church (but there's champagne & limo rides for the, right?!)
2. There's only 1 con.

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