Sunday, August 21, 2011

DIY Sunday

My schedule is back on track and Sunday (at least 1/2 of the day) is being utilized for DIY projects again. Yay! Today, I made a trip to Jo Ann Fabrics and Micheal's with my list of supplies in hand. Huge Sales and they have iPhone apps with all of their coupons!  I was able to purchase everything that I needed + some. Seriously, who doesn't buy cardstock when it's buy one get one free?! Oh, you don't.... never mind, then.

When I got home I organized all of my purchases and decided to dive into some Flower Girl and Ring Bearer projects. I started out with the FG basket. I would talk about a tutorial that I used if I had actually used one, but I didn't. I just made it up and I have to say I'm wondering if I'll actually have our FG carry it. It's not bad, but I just have something specific in my head and I'm not sure I pulled it off. I'll revisit the project somewhere down the line and see what I think at that point.

I made the RB pillow, too. I actually really like it. I think it'll be nice for our RB to carry down. I added a bow around the button to attach the "rings." I say "rings" because they won't be our actual rings. I like to consider them as stand-ins that will add more cuteness to our RB's ensemble.

The button in the middle is lime green.
A little color goodness on the backside of the pillow.

The last project that I worked on was a test run. I've been trying to figure out what to do for table numbers. Everything, before now, has just not done it for me. Today, I tried something and I heart it! It's currently on my desk right now and I keep looking at it and thinking about how much I like it. haha :) Perfection! I don't want to spoil the surprise but it does have to do with vellum and picture frames. Owww!! Ahhhh!!!

**Mid-August has come and gone and there has been major progress! The trip to South Carolina was super productive and helpful. It was a very busy weekend, but that included a meeting with the florist and 2 catering appointments. I haven't signed contracts, but I'm just waiting to hear back from them with official numbers.

Mr. O hard at work.

**We're over halfway through the deployment! I also found out on Friday that Mr. O made the boards for Career Designation! That is amazing news and I'm so excited for him because I know that's what he wanted. I haven't been able to talk to him so I'm not sure if he knows or if he's super excited or anything. I can't wait to congratulate him!

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