Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Good STDs: The Arrival

I like to think that I just have a good sense of humor instead of saying I'm immature. C'mon you can't pretend that you don't find it hilarious when wedding obsessed brides call their Save the Dates "STDs".

I'm happy to say that the Save the Dates have made it safely to their destination. Some a little more beat up than others, but they made it! I guess that's the risk you take when you send them postcard style. To be honest, I assumed that this would happen but it doesn't break my heart. Now, if the invites arrive and are torn I'll definitely be a little sad.

Like I said before, we were lucky enough to have Mr. O's sister take our Engagement Pictures, which was amazing. It saved us money and the pictures were great! I, initially, planned on using only one of the pictures but that changed after I talked to Mr. O about it. When I was designing them (Whoop! Whoop!) I made several different drafts and then emailed them to him so that he could help me narrow down which one to use. His response, "Use them all and then everyone can trade them like Pokemon cards." I'm not kidding, he really said that. So, I did. It made narrowing it down a lot easier and I loved them all equally.

Since Mr. O isn't stateside, I sent him all 4 cards in a care package so he could see how they turned out. Next thing I know, he's passed them out to his buddies! I bet those guys never thought they'd get a Save the Date in Afghanistan. One of his GM, Mr. J, even has his hanging up. Adorable!

{Sorry for the oddly shaped/bad picture. You can thank my iPhone.}

I used to print them for a little more than nothing. The beauty of that is they have a "Postcard" setting in their templates. That made it easy because I didn't have to pick what kind of paper to use. That's the part that I think is the hardest. After I printed them it was easy peasy! I just had to get everyone's address and make a pretty little label. I chose the label route becaue my handwriting is atrocious.

{Professional iPhone picture}

Oh, what's that you see? Beautiful stamps? Oh-em-gee. Let me just say that I have no preference as far as stamps go. At first, I was doing some stamp research to see if I could get them personalized and stuff like that. Then, I was thinking, "Why in the heck am I going to waste  budget money on stamps that no one really cares about?!" So, off to the Post Office I went for some "Postcard Stamps" - I love that they are cheaper! The lady working the desk turned around with these babies and you would have thought she handed me a $100. I was so excited! See, if you don't "care" then it'll work out... at least that's what I keep telling myself.

{Aren't they purdy?! Professional iPhone picture}

Funny side story: While I was adding all of these to the cards a guy was filling out his mailing slip and said, "Wedding invitations?" I told him they were the Save the Dates. He responded, "I knew with how pretty those stamps were it had to be for something special." Thank you stranger for making my day!

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