Monday, September 12, 2011

Tweets, Pokes, and Status Updates

The beautiful world of social media is one that I'm very familiar with. I have a Facebook, Twitter, and FourSquare account. I've participated in Meetups, have a Flickr account, I've been blogging since I was in middle school and was cool enough to have MySpace. Oh yeah, I said it, MySpace.

How does this relate to my wedding? Well, I've been wondering how "connected" I'll be on the day of our wedding. Will I be updating my Facebook Status? Checking in when I arrive at the church? Tweeting about how nervous I am that I'm going to fall on my face walking down the aisle? I really don't know.


I do know that, once the ceremony starts, I don't want our vows to be exchanged by reading them off of our smart phones or iPads (Hopefully by the wedding I'll OWN a iPad). I want it to be a special, between Mr. O and I, lovey dovey, disgustingly cute ceremony.

{Isn't this cute? source}

With that said, I told you how I'm completely photo motivated. So that presents another issue. How do we handle those guests that want to get some great pictures throughout the ceremony? I have no problem with people taking pictures (and actually look forward to seeing what people can capture), but I'm worried about someone stepping right in front our photog as she's about to capture the best picture! I'm completely guilty of trying to get a picture of THE kiss or of the bride walking down the aisle with her dad and I apologize right now if I've ever screwed up a professional picture. Honestly, I didn't even think about it. I know, how terrible of me! It just didn't cross my mind that I was going to be in the way until I read a post from Offbeat Bride.

I'm not nearly as bad as the guy behind the officiant, but I may have leaned into the aisle to get a good photo, maybe. That, my friends, will no longer be happening. I have a greater appreciation and, hopefully, our ceremony will be as "unplugged" as possible.

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