Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Easy as Pie

... but it's cake. Wedding cake to be more specific.

When I met Mr. O's parents for the first time he and I made the trip to South Carolina. The O Crew live right off of this long, hilly road. Well, the one thing that stuck out in my mind was a bright pink sign. It read, "Jennifer's Cakes" and it intrigued me. We tried to stop on our way back, but the shop was closed. Oh well, why do we need a cake anyways?

{How cute is this cottage? It's even "sweeter" on the inside. Professional iPhone picture.}

It wasn't until Mr. O proposed that I revisited the idea of stopping in to see what was happening inside that little bakery cottage.  Let me say this: The area where The O Crew is from isn't necessary hip to the idea of the Internet. This statement isn't even about Jennifer's Cakes (I, eventually, found her on Facebook) but it's been really hard to find ANY vendor by Google searching. I digress...

Once I found her, we talked back and forth via email and set up time to talk about wedding cake right before Mr. O left. I'm pretty specific about what I want with a lot of the plans that have been made and this is no exception. Mr. O and I walked in with my binder in hand and tried some cake. I'm not really a baked goods eater - Lets be real for a second: I love me some cake, but I love to bake it more than I love to eat it. So, this was Mr. O's job - Was it good enough to be our wedding cake (because apparently there's a difference between regular bday cake and wedding cake... jk I KNOW there's a difference)?

{Love the tower of flowers, but we want icing. Source}

{Love the square tiers, but we think fondant is gross. Source}

We talked about what I liked, what we didn't like, what I invisioned, and she gave her input. Mr. O's requirement was simple: Did it taste good? The meeting was awesome and very friendly. She understood exactly what I wanted and that was that. She filled out a form for the two of us to have so we were all on the same page and then said, "Whenever you get a chance can you give me a swatch of the color green that you want?" Bam! I whip out my wallet and grab my trusty swatches that I'd been carrying around since I first started planning & let her cut a piece off. Mr. O and Jennifer thought it was hilarious! What can I say, I'm prepared.

This wasn't our only cake appt, but we'll just say it was the best one. We really like the idea of using a more local vendor, too! Did I mention that she has some amazing property and is allowing us to take some wedding photos on it? Oh I didn't? Well, I'll talk about that later.

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