Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Take a Picture. Click. Click.

I used to love that song. For whatever reason, I remember listening to it before a basketball game. I can't say that it "pumped me up," but that's what it reminds me of. Weird. Anyway...

I am obsessed with photos (I think I've mentioned that before) and one of the things that I am soooo looking forward to is our photo booth! I, too, have jumped on the faux-to booth band wagon and I'm on it for the long run! I ah-dore them.

I must admit, this isn't necessary going to be a solo DIY project. I've recruited a trusted "faux-cle." I just made that word up, but it's my dad's bff who might as well be my uncle so it's appropriate. He's an extreme handy man and I can't wait to see our booth come to life. I just said that... "come to life." Sometimes my wedding planning happiness grosses me out, too, don't worry.


I never really wanted it to be an actual booth. Mostly because I want there to be opportunities to take big group shots or smaller couples shots. I know that there probably could been a few people stuffed into a booth like the one above, but I really wanted BIG groups (10 or more maybe).

Okay... enough talking. Here's some inspiration:

 {You'll find this on Google, I promise.}

This is the first inspiration picture that started the madness and it's still leading the way through the creativity path. I'm not sure what we'll put in all of the smaller frames, but we've I've considered our engagement pictures. Hm, we'll cross that bridge when we get to it.

{I forgot to save all the links to these. I'm a bad blogger.}

I like the idea that people can stand in front of the "wall" or behind it. However, all of the tiny frames don't make my heart happy. So this is where I combine the top picture with the bottom picture, but I don't have a picture of that because I haven't actually done it yet.

We're going to (try) to put some kind of hinged door on the back of the open frames so that if people stand in front of it there won't be big blank holes. I've seen it done with cloth, but never with actual hinged doors so this should be interesting, but I'm confident that the faux-cle can totally make it happen.

 {The awesome couches and ottomans that belong to my coordinator}

The game plan is to use some of my coordinators awesome furniture (Oh yeah, she has furniture!) in front of the wall. I'm not sure if it'll be an ottoman or couch, that's TBD.  I also want a little nook in our venue to have a lounge area like that picture up there, but that's for a whole other post.

{Amazing wallpaper from Anthrologie}

One part of the faux-to booth planning that I thought was going to be easy just... wasn't. Who would have thought wallpaper would have been difficult to find!? Seriously, I just couldn't find any (and neither could my Maid of Honor, Seester) that wasn't $100+ but we didn't give up. I seriously wanted to about the time we found some that looked like vay-jay-jays. Gag me with a spoon *hehe*. One day, while trying not to max out my credit card browsing through Anthropologie's website and I found the beautiful paper above AND it was on sale. Score!!! I ordered it, shipped it to my parent's house, and now get to wait months to apply it. I can't wait.

Questions that need to be answered: How big should the booth be? How many frame cut outs should we have? What are we going to put in the small frames? Is this thing going to weigh a ton or what?! Umm, who's going to take the pictures? <-- Yeah, I might want to answer that one soon.

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