Monday, October 24, 2011

A Callus Builds Character: Sealing it Up

Typically, I would wait until tomorrow to post something really cool since I've posted once today but I'm just too excited! Tonight, I went to an event at Anthropologie. It's kind of funny because I have no idea how I found out about it. I'm pretty sure it had something to do with Pinterest and then random blog stalking until I found this:


I'm not sure if you can read the small print, but it says, "Come create your own customized wax seal stamp." Um, excuse me?!?! I secretly already knew that I was going to use the wax seals to finish off our invites. Could this be real??? You had to RSVP online and the stamping was supposed to cost something like $10. I very enthusiastically emailed the seester to tell her how pumped I was and she was excited, too. 

Then, the bad news. It was completely booked. I could, however, be put on a waiting list and if something became available they'd let me know. 

Not worries, a spot opened up for the book signing portion of the event and I signed up right away. Sadly, there still weren't any spots for the wax seal tutorial. So what does a girl like me do? Well, she calls and emails her seester and sulks that she can't go. Then, she goes anyway because her seester convinced her that someone wouldn't show up.... and she was right!! 1 of 3 spots that opened up was given to this girl annnddd I didn't have to pay. Thank you Mr. or Mrs. NoShow.

Let the fun begin.

First, we were greeted with white wine spritzer and mini cupcakes. Not just any mini cupcakes -- zucchini bread ones w/ cream cheese icing and some that tasted like ding dongs. Oh.em.gee. So Anthropologie. So Design*Sponge. So amazing.

Then, we sat down at our work station where there were lots of wood burners and a goodie bag for each person. Each bag had a wooden rod in it, sand paper, some printed out letters and designs, a pencil, a candle, and some stationary.

Grace, the author, gave a quick tutorial and we were left to our own devices.

Step 1) Sand the end of the dowel rod
Step 2) Decide what you're going to put on it. If you were using the designs she provided you cut it out and then traced it on the end. I decided to make my own and just kind of freehanded it.
Step 3) Figure out what type of wood burning tip works well for what you're making. A lady was making a snail (Get it? Snail mail.) and she had a rounder, bigger one and I had the little detail so mine looked more like a calligraphy pen.
Step 4) Take an enthusiastic picture and send it to your sister as your crafting in Anthropologie.

Step 5) Make sure that you've burnt it deep enough to make an impression.
Step 6) Dip the dowel rod in oil and wipe off excess with napkin. *I didn't wipe it at first, but it ended up super oily. No bueno.* Sit it aside.

Step 7) Get your stationary out. Light the candle and let the wax drip. This takes a while, which is why I'll be using the "faux wax" that you can put in a glue gun.
Step 8) After you have a wax blob big enough to cover your stamp, you wait. You don't have to wait long, just long enough so that when you touch the wax it doesn't stick and string off of your finger.
Step 9) Center your stamp in the wax blob. Press softly at first and then firmly.... at the end she suggested putting pressure on the top of the dowel rod to make sure it would leave a complete impression.

Step 10) Admire your work. It's "m <3 k"!!!! Granted, it's kind of hard to see on the metallic silver wax (or maybe it's the iPhone picture), but I think it'll look great on a solid, flat color. Shall I say green or purple?!

After the wax seal fun-ness we were able to get our Design*Sponge at Home book signed. Grace was super nice and even asked to see how my stamp worked out! I literally cannot wait to try some of her projects from her book. I'm not gonna lie, some of them will probably be making an appearance at the wedding.

{All photos personal unless noted.}

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