Sunday, October 2, 2011

Big Bows and Puffy Sleeves

Substitute title: Why do Bridesmaids Dresses have to be ugly?

{Really? Why does this dress exist?}

Trying to stay within reason when considering dress prices for my girls was definitely the most important to me. I didn't want everyone to have to go broke just to be a part of my day. Like every Bride, I really wanted to find a dress that they could possibly wear again and I wanted it to be short. I didn't care if they all matched in style, as long as they were the same fabric and length. Not too much to ask, right? Wrong.

When the search began, I really wanted dark purple dresses. There are A LOT of dresses that come in purple. So, like everyone else, I started my online search to help narrow it down.

{Alexia Admor A little too shiny}

{Carina Dresses A little TOO purple}

{Monique Lhuillier Not purple enough}

Ugh! My, "I'm not picky," attitude was totally being thrown in my face and I was back where I started. I recruited the Seester to help me out, but we were still struggling. After about a month of online searching (by now you should know that I start searching for things early) I decided to ask some of the BMs to come try some dresses on while I was back home visiting the Parentals. It was last minute, but 2 were able to make it. YAY!

 {Personal Photo}

{Personal Photo}

{Being a trooper & swimming in a dress. Sorry they're so dark!}

This was a hilarious experience because we were all in one dressing room, I gave absolutely no direction whatsoever and the girls were just trying to figure it out. We tried the Alfred Sung collection so that meant there were about 10,480 dresses that came in the same fabric and length. We were all definitely lost in a sea of dresses. One thing I can tell you: if a store has a pretty dress I promise their sample will be in the ugliest color known to man.

The search continues......

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