Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Big Bow and Puffy Sleeves: Most Mom Dresses are Gross.

Alternative title: Really?! Why must you be so hideous?!

My mom is beautiful. So, naturally, she deserves a beautiful dress. However, that's about as easy at hugging a raccoon.... Does someone need a hug?

{I love this movie & can't wait until Christmas season so I can watch it numerous time.}

My mom is young and wants to be fashionable and pretty for the wedding. Fair enough. Only problem with that is that all MOB dresses have jackets and lots of sequins, lace and beads. That's not even CLOSE to her style. Actually, that's a complete lie but the SLB combo in the form that I'm talking about is just not working for us.

{My mom would die if I asked her to wear this}

{She would love this, but I would die if she asked if she could wear this. ;) Love you, mom}

So how do we find a happy medium? Well, because the BM dresses are short *foreshadowing* we decided that she would 100%, no questions asked, be wearing a long dress. We started looking into some bridesmaids dresses in long version since they have a little "younger" feel.

You might be noticing a trend: Lavender. I think that a lavender dress would compliment the dark purple and lime that will be on the bridesmaids. I also think it's a very flattering color on my momma because she will have a nice tan by May!

I was just not falling in love with anything. Then, my sister and I went to J Crew Bridal so that she could try on some of the dresses. We ended up not using J Crew for the BM dresses, but when the Seester tried on one of them I thought it would be fantastic looking on our mom. Later down the road, we convinced the mother to try one of the dresses that my dress boutique carried, which was very similar to the J Crew dress. Ohemgee, I fell in love with it. I couldn't stop telling my mom how beautiful she looked in the dress... AND IT WAS LAVENDER!
The only problem: the mother isn't in love with the price tag. We're still working on that! So, the search technically still continues but I stopped looking in July. I really, genuinely love the dress. I guess I could start looking for similar alternatives. Eh, maybe not...

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