Friday, October 14, 2011

A Callus Builds Character: Part III

Once I had decided what the invitation itself was going to look like (finally), I started to think about the little things. What inserts would be included? How would we close our pochette? How would we address them? etc...

Don't worry, if you are new to the wedding planning and you don't know what a pochette is, I didn't either. They can look like this:

... or this...

At first, I wanted everything under the sun to be included in the invitation. Then, I had a glorious meeting with a stationary consultant (yes, they exist) and she was super helpful. She first asked if we were going to have a wedding website. I said yes and she replied that keeping the inserts minimal would be just fine. I asked her, "What about the older guests?" I think her exact response was, "It's 2011, they'll figure it out." Now, I wouldn't put that so harshly when talking to family and friends but you have to admit that it's pretty funny! We agreed that a nice RSVP/envelope insert and a business card style insert would work well with out invites... and our budget.

{Similar idea, but completely different from ours... What is that thing to the right?}

The best thing about the accomodations insert was that was having a special for 25 free cards so my whole family gave up their free cards ( they even knew about the deal before I mentioned it!) and let me get enough to fill all of the invitations! Yay for that!!

Next up, the closing. How in the heck were we going to close the invites? Well, we had lots of options.

{Awesome belly band made with a Cricut -- I want one.}

{A fancy sticker}

Last, but certainly not least, how are we going to address the envelopes? Since one will be going to the White House and to Mickey Mouse, I want to make sure they are addressed very nicely. I've thought about just slapping a label on them and calling it a day, but (like all other decisions) I've read so many blog posts about easier/prettier ways to do it!

{Another fancy schmancy sticker}

So, needless to say, there are a lot more decisions about invitations than I ever would have imagined. Most of them are insignificant in the big picture. However, if you have wedding brain (like me) you start to think that this is the first thing that is going to "set the tone" for the whole wedding. You don't want them to look like crap! Lots of decisions to make and more to come.

Happy Friday!

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