Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Because He's Awesome.

(1) He puts up with my rambling wedding jabber even though he got up at 4:30 am and still hasn't had dinner by 9 pm. (2) He gets online 3 times in a row because he forgot to send me something that I asked for. (3) He understands that because of the deployment (from now on only referred to as Big D) we have an unconventional planning strategy to make sure that he is involved.

Overall, there are many things about Mr. O that make him fall under the awesome category, but those are the things that have most recently been added to the list.

Anywho, I have been looking into registries. Woohoo! Isn't that just so exciting. I think we have figured out where we are going, but it hasn't been finalized. I'm really bad about getting right to the point of making a decision and saying, "but it hasn't been finalized." That, my friends, could be a problem.

Tonight, I sent Mr. O a dreadfully long list of things that we could register for. I can thank The Knot for the help on the list -- they are very resourceful. Mostly because I had no idea what he would want and not want, but also because I really didn't want to tackle it all on my own. It's a rather big task and, like I told Mr. O, this is going to be the first stuff that is "ours." Crazy, right? He was very tolerant of my awful, long list and went through with commentary and added a few no's and a few new items.

 This is what I feel like my head is doing after looking at all of the registry options

One funny thing that he did say throughout the email was something along the lines of, "I added my input, but we both know that you're going to get whatever you want." It made me chuckle because I asked myself, "Self, if he didn't find it necessary but you wanted it would you still add it?" The response was, "Self, I'd probably argue my point and then he'd say 'ok' and then it'd be added." At least he knows? The good thing is that I didn't want anything more or less than what he wanted.

I like when we agree on everything without even knowing we're doing it. It makes things much easier.

1 Step Down. Next step - Actually registering for this stuff. I kinda want to go to the store and use the little gun thing, that sounds fun. I'll let you know if I end up actually thinking it is fun.

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