Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Operation Be Super Hot for the Wedding

Today, I had my first workout session with a personal trainer. I have no self motivation when it comes to working out so I'm really hoping that meeting with someone once or twice a week will allow me to meet my goals.

What are my goals?? I'm just not really sure. I'd ultimately just like to get toned up, I guess. I weigh about the same that I did when I graduated from college, but I'm carrying it a little different now... aka it's fat now, not muscle. I want to get in shape for myself and having the wedding to push me a little is helpful, too. Seriously, after so many years of being required to workout... I just don't want to anymore. Why can't I get rock hard abs by watching Fitness TV. You actually want me to participate?! Ummm... so you see why I have chosen to have a trainer.

Also, I keep seeing this advertisement for "Shedding for the Wedding." It's like a "Biggest Loser" for couples getting married. Umm.. yes please! I'll be watching that for sure.

In fun, gift receiving news I have had a few more packages arrive for my birthday gift from my parents.

 Cool gel pens in all different, awesome colors

An "All-Purpose Cutting" tool for Fabric. FANCYYYY

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