Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Guestlist.. dun dun dunnnnn

We're trying to figure our list and we want to make sure that we have all of the people that mean something to us at our wedding. So I made my list... and Mr. O made his. Then I added more people to my list and then he added more to his. Can you see where this is going? Um, it just keeps getting bigger.

Source *these aren't my invite, just wanted a picture in the post.

We have a set amount of people that we want to attend. The number on our list is not ridiculously over our amount that we want. Seriously, how do you just cut people off of the list? There's a reason that they're on it in the first place. This is the dilemma that is cramping my style right now. I guess I have some serious evaluating to do.

I think it'll work itself out... at least that's what I'm hoping for!

The Knot has some good suggestions and it makes a lot of sense, especially since my side of the guestlist if coming entirely from out of state. I have to be realistic that not everyone is going to be able to make it. I just really WANT them to and can't keep people from being invited based on me "knowing" that they can make it or not. lol :)


  1. Still send them an invite even if you know that they aren't going to be able to make it. Better to send them one and they know that you want them to be there is possible then them having their feelings hurt because you didn't. Like you said a lot of the people that you invite aren't going to come. I think 75% of the people I invited ended up coming and the other 25% didn't. I am sure you will figure it all out and it will be perfect.

  2. After looking at the list again, we don't have THAT many people over (by that I mean a little over 50) but with the percentage of RSVP - no's that we're expecting we plan to just invite everyone in the beginning and if we end up with a little over our set amount, we'll re-adjust.