Thursday, May 26, 2011

The World Does Indeed Keep Spinning

Before I start this post I just want to say that today marks the "one year" point before we get married. What happened to those 4 months? Ya know, when I started blogging about how early I started planning?! I can already tell that this time is going to fly by! Moving on...

Decisions have been made! Since my last post I have been rather productive, which is exciting... kind of. It's a been a bittersweet road because I've made decisions without the help of Mr. O. Unfortunately, because of "The Big D," he can't be quickly contacted to see if he is as excited about the decisions as I am. Often times, I feel like this:

What is almost comforting is that before he left we had a discussion about all of the things that needed to be decided on and he promised me that he trusted my judgment. I say almost because I really would rather he be involved in the decision making because he actually DOES give an opinion & doesn't typically "yes" me (even if I do get my way in the end - hehe). He did say, "If you're happy, I'm happy." Not to mention that I'm not making a decision without having a minor panic attack and thinking about it for, what feels like, 6 weeks longer than I really need to because I'm checking, double checking, and checking again to make SURE I've made the choice with Mr. O in mind!

Okay.. soooo... We now have a DJ and a photographer!! Well, kind of. I'm waiting on the contract from the DJ to make it official and I need to fill out the contract for the photographer and send it back to her. This reminds me of when I committed to play basketball in college "verbally," -- aka no commitment whatsoever and just wait until you sign. Either way, I'm making progress!!!

The best thing about the photographer is we're friends! Her name is Dani and I've known her for about 2 years. For some reason it just escaped me to look into having her take our wedding photos. Once I did, there was really no question (besides the 50,000 about whether Mr. O would be cool with it). She's an awesome person, she takes great pictures, and I know it's not going to bother me to have her in my face for the entire day. Ow! She's also a former combat photographer for the Navy. Military Vet - Whoop!

Check out how adorable these pictures are:

Lovely military photo by Platinum Touch Photos

Yay for feet pictures!! by Platinum Touch Photos

Prettiness by Platinum Touch Photos

So, with the title in mind, the world does actually keep spinning even when you're dealing with "The Big D." My routine has come back to me (because it was definitely lost for a while), I'm interviewing for TWO jobs*, and life is good!

I've also progressed to the labeling stage of the Save the Dates! Granted, I don't have every person's address but I've been able to label over 1/2 of them. I'm doing each step gradually because I'm ahead of schedule, which is AWESOME! As for the invitations, I should probably start assembling those now.... talk about a labor of love! 

*I only need one job and will be very pleased with either one. Just please let one of them work out!! My fingers are definitely crossed.

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