Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Frustrated Food

I'm been known to be kind of "on top of things" when it comes to getting things taken care of for the wedding. Yes, most of this is because Mr. O had the whole D-day thing going on and I wanted him to be as involved as possible but regardless... I've been ahead of the game. With that said, I find myself becoming very impatient when people don't get back to me in a timely fashion.

Granted, I have time for these said people to drag their feet but I don't have to like it. I mean, I really want to get the big things done... aka catering. Why is it so hard to get back to me with a quote? I understand that everyone is busy and that my wedding is not the most important thing going on, but it's been almost 3 weeks since I was told that I'd have a quote right way. Then, it's been a week and a half since they said they'd have one to me by Monday. Then it's been 3 days since I was told that they would be "following up."

Needless to say, I'm frustrated. This is the most frustrated that I've been in the entire process of the planning. Yes, I've had little concerns (like when the florist didn't humor me and I vowed to take my business elsewhere), but food is a pretty big deal & people like to book them pretty far ahead of time. Liiikkkeee me!

Dear Caterers, I need a nacho cheese fountain for our wedding. Holla atcha girl if you want my business.

I just want fantastic food, but when I have to deal with businesses like this it makes me concerned. Is this a foreshadow of what is going to happen on my wedding day? That day, late is not an option. So, now it's back to square one. It looks like a trip to SC to try more food is in my future. Who wants to join me? Where are my bridesmaids? Ohhhh yeahhh, everywhere BUT in NC or SC. haha :)

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  1. Too bad there isn't a "like" button on here b/c that picture cracked me up. I seriously thought you guys were making up the whole nacho cheese fountain thing. When you find someone to do it for you, will you please have the whole Mexican-themed set up b/c it's amazing. :)