Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reported Attack Page!

I have certain blogs that I like to periodically check. One of them is The Inspired Bride, basically she sees things that would look cool translated into a wedding and she posts different "inspiration boards." They're pretty good and, for the most part, they're fun to look at. BUT WAIT! What did I find when I clicked on my bookmark?? This....

Ummm... they aren't dangerous! The Inspired Bride is PRETTY! Now, I'm just scared to click "ignore this message" because ummmm Google rules the world and they say no. haha I guess I'll have to figure out some other way to look at useless pictures of someone's party that wasn't a wedding, but could be a wedding. lol Yeah, I guess I can deal with not looking at it until they figure out what the problem is.

In other news, my toe hurts. I'm 99.99% positive that it's broken, but I'll skip posting the picture because as I said in my last post.. I like shoe/feet cutesy pictures (like the one below).. I don't like feet. I did send it to my parents and one lucky RN. (What up Jaclynnnn!!)

I'm trying to square away some meetings with catering place, flowers, bakeries, etc.... I don't want to have an overload of meetings, but since we're going to be in SC I think we should try to mark off at least a few things. Even if Mr. O skips the flower session or something along those lines, I think I'll survive.

Lastly, I got these wooden letters (M & K) recently. It was definitely in impulsive purchase, but now I have to decide where to use them. I'll leave you with some inspiration pictures. Holler!

 Excuse me for not knowing where I got all of these pictures. If you Google, "wooden initials wedding" they'll come up in the images section. <3

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