Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Here's the thing, I love feet pictures. I don't necessarily like feet, but I LOVE a good shoes/feet pictures. For some reason they look so stinking cute to me! Sounds strange, but this is one picture that I'm insisting on having from the wedding. When it comes to why, I have no idea... except for the fact that I love them. I'm not sure if I must have cute shoes so that I can have the cute pictures or I must have the pictures so I need cute shoes. Chicken or the egg, ya know?

Enough of this confusing talk, I'll leave you with awesome pictures of FEET!



Next subject (mainly because I came across this while looking for awesome feet pictures): What if I begged & pleaded for Mr. O to wear these so that I could wear heels? How awkward.

They're shoe lifts. hahaha... That way, I wouldn't tower over him at the wedding if I wore heels! I would feel so strange knowing that he's actually inches taller the day that we get married than in real life. WEIRD! I'll stick with flats (amazing ones, duh) for the ceremony and pretty, amazing heels for the reception. Whoop! 

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