Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Busy, busy, busy

This week has be exceptional busy... I think that applies to both mentally and physically "busy." I've been thinking about a lot, doing a lot, and definitely looking forward to my NYC trip this weekend.

Lets talk about what's been going on with me. Well, a job that I thought was out of reach (because the position was filled) has resurfaced and I'm hoping that it will work out in my favor this time around. That would be fantastic! I'm being patient and I know what it was like the last time around. I have high expectations, but am being realistic.

I've also started some serious basketball-ness. Yes, we've been practicing for a few weeks now but there's just a sudden sense of "okay, this is our team and we're gonna win games." The girls (all 5 of them.. I mean, umm, yeah.. only 5) are focused, working hard, and definitely ready to play some games. Whoop!

I've been talking to invitation designers, caterers, vacation spots, and florists... the list continues. I've made 3 appointments to try on dresses. I actually made the appoints last week, but for some reason I feel like I just did it. That's scheduled for the beginning of April because my parents will be in town. I'm planning a dress trip #2 to make the final decision with the seester!!

 Maddie playing with my camera as I contemplate, "Is this big enough or is that gonna work??"
Like the craft stuff that's surrounding me??

Also, the camera that I wanted for my birthday? Well, yeah, I bought it. hehe Now, I'm just learning how to use it. Reading a lot of tips online and talking to my photographer friends.

I love this picture. I think it's because once I master this type of picture, it'll be my fave.

I'm getting all of the "small" things for the wedding done right away. Little signs that I want to make, but I know if I wait until the last minute that they'll get over taken by more important tasks. For example, I want to make the sign below mostly for the picture. haha -- See, it's not necessary, but I think the picture is adorable. 

Forgive me for not knowing where I got this picture. I blame it on the 2081 blogs I read daily.

Back to work! Next up: NYC update!

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