Tuesday, August 2, 2011

The Beauty of Making a Decision

It sounds so much easier than it actually is: Just decide! That's too simple, isn't it? Today, and for the last few times that I've visited the wedding to-do list, I can't make a single decision! Trust me, there are plenty of things to decide on. I just can't do it!

So far the biggest thorn in my side has been the bridesmaids dresses. Not because I don't love my 5 lovely ladies, because I do! It's just super, super hard to make a decision about something that has everything to do with someone else. The only trouble is, you're making the decision and then asking... basically telling... them to pay for it! I struggle with this. Yes, I want something that I like and all of that but it is important to me that they like it, too.

My family was in town this past weekend. After I got done trying on my dress for the first time **more on that later!!**, and doing a lot of spins while grinning like a child, my sister tried on A LOT of bridesmaids dresses. We have narrowed it down, once again, but I think I just need to decide and roll with it. So far, I haven't second-guessed any decisions that have been made. What do I need to do? Oh yeah, "Just decide!" Seriously, the beauty of making a decision is that you don't have to think about it again and you can mark it off of your list!

Today, I was dragging my feet about blocking off hotels. HOTELS! I knew it was a good price and location for all of our out of town guests. I even knew that I wanted to block it off, but I just kept checking, double checking, and checking again.... for WHAT?! So, if that gives you any idea about how indecisive I am about things that other people have to pay for, you can see why I'm running into trouble. Thank goodness for my mom, who finally was sick of hearing about it and told me to reserve them. *Thanks, Mom!*

Oh my! I feel like I've written this post 30 times and I'm sure if I reread all of my posts I'd find a time or two where I have mentioned it before. Moving on... for now...

 Excuse my "I'm tired and don't care" face. Check out those tabs!

I have done a lot of reorganizing! I went through my wedding binder and got rid of all of the ideas that were no longer interesting to me and make a ton of more tabs! I feel SO organized and love it. However, I think I need a bigger binder. Ha!

 The one bag that I made that took me forever to do. No thanks! DIY fail!

I also started a new DIY project and then decided to stop because it was taking a ridiculous amount of time and turns out, I can't sew. I take that back, I CAN sew. I'm just not good at it and this project would have taken months. I'm not interested in all of that, especially when I have much more important things to make! Not to mention, I found some awesome Etsy sellers that are so affordable.

I need to get back to the Sunday invitation routine. I've just been busy doing fun stuff (not to say making our invites isn't fun) and haven't had a solid Sunday to work on them. This weekend, that will change!

*My dress!!!! I love her. She loves me. It's definitely a love/love relationship. I hope it stays that way. I won't see her again for a lot of months, but oh-em-gee I adore her. Yay!*

 He's handsome.

**Mr. O is doing awesome and makes me proud every day. We're coming up on the halfway point of the big D. Holy cow, that's awesome! There is one thing that I'm not digging about Mr. O: he currently has a mustache. That's GOTTA go! lol

I'm trying to keep him updated about wedding planning as much as possible, but not much movement has been made recently. In mid-August I should have a ton of more things to discuss: food, flowers, invites, etc...**

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