Friday, January 27, 2012


So, yesterday I wrote this super long post about how I was searching for the perfect flat or sandal for the wedding. Thanks to Pinterest, my sister caught on that I was interested in sandals and told me that I was not (1) a hippie (2) getting married on a beach so I wasn't allowed to wear them. I told her I would if I wanted to!! Then, I came to the conclusion that I don't actually WANT to wear flats I just don't want to tower over Mr. O in pictures.

Solution: Take my shoes off for pictures.. or something. We'll cross that bridge later, I'm guessing.

This is the fun part: I get to look at awesome heels now! I was definitely finding myself being jealous of heel brides... and now I'll be one of them! Whoop!

Side note: My sister bought me the shoes that I just KNEW I wanted to wear for the wedding last February. However, in one year our wedding has changed... a lot. I probably wouldn't even recognize the wedding that I was considering a year ago. It's perfect now and I love it, but the shoes just don't fit -- hehe no pun intended.

Picture time!

I'm loving these, but I can't find them!

Fancy. However, too tall. I'm not trying to get crazy!

A little purple, a little blue. Just what I'm looking for! These are off of Etsy. You send her your shoe and she bedazzles it for you.

That's about as far as I've gotten in the shoe search. Remember, the heel thing is a new concept for me! If you know where those blue shoes are from holla atcha girl! hehe

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